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Days Dying Glow Days Dying Glow
Code: lka168   Media: Watercolour
Artist: William Manners   Nationality: British

Days Dying Glow is a Water colour depicting a lumber cart,accompanied by to lumberjacks hauling the load at the end of the day, about to pass Two Female figures heading in the opposite direction. William Manners was a Yorkshire artist who painted mainly rural scenes both in oil and water colour. He was born in Bradford in 1860 and later moved to Otley, Shipley, Crosshills, near Keighleigh, and Sutton Coldfield, but later moved and settled in Westmorland, Lake District and the Furness countryside provided him with subject matter for many of his paintings. William Manners was elected a Member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 1893. After 1904 he appeared to have worked in the Lake District and the Furness area using Kendal as his base. d1930. framed 53cm x 46cm, aperture 24cm x 16cm. Examples of his works may be seen in the Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal and in the Melbourne National Gallery in Victoria, Australia.


Moorland scene. Moorland scene.
Code: lka7   Media: Gouache
Artist: Furness Wilson   Nationality: British

A lovely tranquil moorland scene, location not known. Mounted and framed in dark oak.


Sun on the Moor Sun on the Moor
Code: lka27   Media: Watercolour
Artist: Furness Wilson   Nationality: British

Realist Watercolour c1920 from a prolific artist of that time. Furness Wilson was a well known landscape painter and was greatly recieved from 1910 until the 1930s, What happened to him then I do not know, but have yet to see any later works by him. His works are very similar to those of Frank Holmes, perhaps they are one and the same. Dimensions: 42cm x 50cm


The Wye nr Chepstow. The Wye nr Chepstow.
Code: lka80   Media: Watercolour
Artist: Unknown   Nationality: Unknown

The Wye nr Chepstow. Artist unknown, antique mid 19th Century watercolour. Dimensions: 50cm x 36cm A wonderfull watercolour scene of the River Wye, quickly captured but very well executed, superb sense of perspective, signed bottom left but very hard to make out other than the Page part of signatue, no date but at least 100yrs old. Inscribed and with heavy foxing verso, though the picture itself is largly untouched.


The Wooded Path. The Wooded Path.
Code: lka81   Media: Pen and wash
Artist: A.C.Winter.   Nationality: British

Size 21cm x 32cm. Alexander Charles Winter b1887 in Norfolk. Widely exhibited incl RSA, NS and The Paris Salon. This Illustative work is superb, Signed but alas no date.


View of Wales View of Wales
Code: lka136   Media: Watercolour
Artist: W.E Riley   Nationality: British

A small watercolor sketch of a Welsh view, from a large collection that I am selling that are attributed to W.E Riley. The majority are landscapes. There are many pictures of the Stour valley and also quite a few painted in Wales, the West Country and the Home Counties. The picture illustrated has an inscription on the bottom left margin that is suggestive of a Welsh place name but I cannot read it confidently. The first word appears to end in pero with the o capped with an acute accent. measurements approx 10 by 6.5 or 25cm x 17cm. Overall condition good and Painted on paper.


Towards Porlock Towards Porlock
Code: lka76   Media: Pencil
Artist: J J Morley   Nationality: British

Attractive pencil landscape study, On the North Hill, looking towards Porlock initialed J.J.M 1946.


Hamsbury Hamsbury
Code: lka29   Media: Mixed media
Artist: Agnes M.R. Kenny   Nationality: British

A small yet detailed ink and wash study, used perhaps as a rough for a larger work, but now a sutible work in its own right. Light foxing, but an easy restoration in the right hands. c1920 inscribed verso. 20CM X 16CM.


Moorland scene. Moorland scene.
Code: lka28   Media: Mixed media
Artist: Frank Holme   Nationality: British


Early  upon the Moor. Early upon the Moor.
Code: lka25   Media: Mixed media
Artist: T Weston   Nationality: British

Mounted in oval mount, moorland scene most likely Dartmoor National Park.


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