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Lady in a large hat. Lady in a large hat.
Code: lka49   Media: Mixed media
Artist: Alan Roderick   Nationality: British

Apparently a former student of the Slade School, and my guess is it was painted around the 1930s. a good high quality unsigned original at a bargain price. Dimensions: 23cmx28cm


Resting Resting
Code: lka30   Media: Oil
Artist: Unknown   Nationality: Unknown

A good modernish depiction of a Woman at rest, perhaps after a hard day at work. Painted in Oils and Artist Unknown, on stretched canvas, no date and alas not signed, no more than Twenty years old at a guess, but a work worthy of wall space. Dimensions: 35cm x 45cm


From sleep she...... From sleep she......
Code: ma6   Media: Oil
Artist: Martin Alford   Nationality: British

A contemporary oil on canvas, Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm. Martins depiction of his favourite model as she wakes is both sympathetic and beautiful, every brush stroke is applied without fear of either subject or medium. A stunning use of oil on canvas.


Seated Lady Seated Lady
Code: lka124   Media: Mixed media
Artist: Jerzy Faczynski   Nationality: Polish

This is from a massive collection of works recently purchased from the studio of the well known ex pat Polish painter, illustrator, author and leading architect JERZY FACZYNSKI. The watercolour is sold unframed, and measures 27cm x 35cm. JERZY FACZYNSKI b1917 Polish born painter, illustrator, author and architect who arrived in England c1939 with many of his compatriats in order to fight in the Polish free forces. After the war he studied architecture at the Polish University College of Architecture, specialising in the design of churches, including the circular church at Degany Junction and St Marys RC church in Layland, Lancashire where he even designed the stained glass windows. As an illustrator, Jerzy worked on many books especially works by fellow ex-pats and many works accompanying Polish poetry. During his ife-time he remained a staunch Polish nationalist and was very active within the Polish ex pat art community. It ha


Code: ma111   Media: Oil
Artist: Martin Alford   Nationality: British

A truely superb portrait in oils of the late great Ayrton Senna, world champion F1 racing driver 1988, 1990 & 1991. Painted by Martin Alford in 1994 in oils on canvas. Every detail has been executed with the quality you would expect for a subject who was loved and idolized by so many. O ne of the finest portraits We have seen in a long time.


Portrait Portrait
Code: lka258   Media: Oil
Artist: Constance Nash   Nationality: British

Oil on Canvas. Awaiting more info.


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The Knitting Lesson
Scottish artist J P Downie began exhibiting 1885. Painted widely around Glasgow, and the Clyde in particular was a huge draw for inspiration. The Knitting Lesson, signed and dated 1907 is a true example of a Scottish master at work, with his seemingly effortless use of color and light. Housed in a gilt frame with gilt slips. size, 52cm x 62cm...