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The little known was set up with the objective of being an affordable, approachable window for artists that would otherwise struggle to have their work displayed.
This is not to say that we compromise on quality, we still have high standards, but most high street gallery's will now only stock what they consider to be fashionable, or what they think they can sell, and you can't blame them for that.
All artists have experienced rejection, no matter what their pedigree, Van Gough, Orpen, Sutherland, all struggled at some point to have their works accepted, and were it not for the faith of a few, who knows where the art world would be today.
And so with that in mind the idea grew, and that led me to look at some previous artists of quality that have largely been ignored or forgotten, and why.
The reasons are long and varied, some obvious, some not so. War claimed the lives of many a talented hand and those that painted and were lost would most likely have been young and as such had few paintings. The family would most likely have treasured any paintings produced, as a keepsake of their lost loved one. These paintings are now surfacing and coming onto the market as the family story is lost or now means little to the inheritor, but it is unlikely that any of these artists would be listed.
Most reference books were compiled from the London catalogues and if your work never made it to the London gallery's then the chances are you were not that "all important listed artist", talent did not assure listed status, it came down to where you exhibited. Another reason for lack of information on a particular artist can also be put down to the frequent use of a pseudonym.
If an artist was under commission to a gallery or dealer, then all his works went straight from the studio and into their hands, they then accepted or rejected the works. If rejected, artists are known to have used a pseudonym to secretly sell the work to another gallery or dealer. Its reasons like these that so many quality artistic works go unnoticed and this is another area we wanted to address, so we decided to combine the two areas, the contemporary artists and the ignored or forgotten artist.


All works on the site are 100% original paintings, unless otherwise stated, if an item is described as an original oil, that is exactly what you will get. We may from time to time add a lithograph, or a woodcut etc, but theses will be clearly marked as such.
If you have a query, email us and we will get back to you, extra photos can also be mailed if you require. We encourage you to make an offer for a work of art, but please bear in mind we price realistically, so sensible offers only please.
We can also offer assistance if you own a work that you wish to sell, or perhaps you just want to put some feelers out and test the market of a certain work or artist, contact us for more details. This site is totally user friendly. We have listed all on the site into subject so you may see a contemporary landscape next to a 19th cent landscape.
However if you wish to see all 19th cent works regardless of subject, use the search option and likewise for any date, listed artist, name, medium etc. - you get the idea I'm sure.


If you wish to add your work to the site email us, the rates are very affordable and we have a number of options available. E.g. one years membership, upto 30 paintings displayed until sold, for a maximum of one year, comes in at £25.00stirling, you set the price you want for the painting to which we add a 6% handling fee to cover our pay pal and banking charges claimable when work sells.
If you prefer you can display one painting for £1 and this will stay on the site for 8weeks, £2 it stays on for the year, the same handling charges still apply when sold. If you belong to an art group or club we can also offer a tailored package to suit.
We have several security features in place to protect your works, all personal information is stored separately off line, to protect your identity, and all works displayed on the site carry our own watermark to protect the artist from illegal copying.
Another aim of is to have one or two roadshows per year, so that the collector can view, examine and if required smell the works before they buy, (you can't fake the smell of an old painting). All customers of the little known artist will be emailed about time and place, and this can only be good for an artist wanting to sell works.
You the artist have the right to send your work on the roadshow, though a small fee will be chargeable to cover gallery costs and refreshments etc, but there is no obligation to take part in the roadshow, you have the final word.
One last thing, we know the business we are in. We do not demand anything from you the artist other than a small amount of flexibility, we want to sell your works and if a sensible offer below your advised amount is received, we would like you to consider it. Although we would not sell without your permission, we do ask you to be realistic; it takes time to command high prices even for the finest of works. Thank you for taking the time to visit us, and please enjoy our site.

The team at

The little known artist is based in Somerset, England


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You do not need to set up a Paypal account to make one off payments.
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Our Favourite
The Knitting Lesson
Scottish artist J P Downie began exhibiting 1885. Painted widely around Glasgow, and the Clyde in particular was a huge draw for inspiration. The Knitting Lesson, signed and dated 1907 is a true example of a Scottish master at work, with his seemingly effortless use of color and light. Housed in a gilt frame with gilt slips. size, 52cm x 62cm...